Green Screen

Green ScreenGreen screen technology creates virtually unlimited potential for your videos. Do you want to set your video somewhere else in the world? Do you want to strengthen your presentation video with full-size graphics or interactive features? Perhaps you just want to have some fun creating a video in a different place and time! Using a green screen for your video gives you endless options as to how to customize and strengthen your video.

Video Services Un-Limited has a full green screen studio. We have all the space, equipment, and technology necessary to create a green screen video, whatever your needs may be. We also have a fully-equipped editing facility, and our professional editors can work magic with your video. Want to make your video even more impactful? We maintain a library of royalty-free and fully-licensed graphics and music, so we can create a video with any look or feel you desire. Contact us to have Video Services Un-Limited create a green screen video for your next project.

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