We are professional video producers with over 30 years of experience in business video

Corporate VideoWe know how to direct and produce a business video. Business videos are a great way to market and promote your company and let prospective clients and employees know about what you do. Our talented video producers have the skills and experience to direct and produce a high quality business video which can fit your needs.

Video Services Un-Limited is an award-winning video production company that can produce your corporate video or capture your event memories. We provide services from San Diego to Santa Barbara, including Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Orange County. Call (818) 727-7746 for a quote.

Our clients’ video will be a reflection of their business. Show others what your business is all about with a high quality business video. These videos are a form of media communication which can help enhance recruitment, increase sales, and improve company branding. Our professional video producers have multiple years of experience in capturing footage for corporations and can highlight the core elements of a business. With our well produced business video, you can effectively market and promote your business to others.

We do everything legally to protect our clients, both in terms of liability and intellectual property. Our clients are important to us and we make sure to take into account copywriting laws, privacy, as well as obtaining permission for other’s work – especially for the music used in the videos. With multiple years of experience in the videography industry, we are familiar with the laws and know how to properly protect our clients.

We provide the services of a full production company. With our production studio and some of the latest and most advanced software and equipment, we are able to edit and produce a final product that you’ll be satisfied with. Our production company offers everything needed to create a successful business video.

We can create whatever image our client is looking for. Personalize your business video and create a unique product that is sure to amaze and impress your clients. Let us know what type of video you’re looking to create – whether it’s for advertising or training purposes. Our professional video producers have the creative skills to create whatever type of video you’re looking for!