Promote your business through online video

Corporate VideoPeople don’t want to read, they want you to show them and that’s how your going to grow your business.

  1. Educational Material – When your customers need more information about your product and your company, educate them
  2. Demonstrations Videos – Show your product or service so your customers know exactly what you are offering. Also so they know how to use your product or services. They may need to come back to see more and learn…and buy.
  3. Online Retail Sales – Look how well it works for the big box stores. It can work for you as well. This will increase sales.
  4. Corporate Videos – Today videos can actually replace policies and procedures online as well as brochures, and manuals.. You can provide training as well and suggestions of additional products or services.
  5. Testimonial Videos – Customers have more confidence in your business when they hear from satisfied customers. Reviews are essential to your business because many customers go right to the reviews.
  6. Training Videos – Customers may need to know how to use your product or service or just need more information about them. Educate your customers to make them more qualified for your product.
  7. Keep it professional – If it looks like a home made video that will reflect on the professionalism of your company. Use a professional like VSU that has the quality and resources to provide the look that sells.

Customers attention span is very short online. Keep your videos to a minimum. Look how much information is in a 30 second commercial on TV. VIDEO SERVICES UN-LIMITED will help you meet your needs. When you are ready for your online video give us a call and we will look forward to working with you. Just have a question, call us! We are located in the Los Angeles area.