How much, or how good?

Daniel and Sam copyWhat I found out in being in business over 30 years, is most people only ask how Much, when they should be more interested in How Good. The problem is they simply don’t know what questions to ask and How Much is the easiest thing to ask.

Today with so many cheap vendors out there you might get a great price but be so disappointed after you got the final product. you might be unhappy with it and may not even want to watch it. It now has NO value. As our saying here goes “The inconvenience of Poor Quality lingers long after the Thrill of a Bargain!”

What our goal is as a vendor is to help educate the client as to what quality and what value we bring to them. In our case we our licensed, we carry $4 million in Liability and Disability insurance as well as licensing all the music and graphics we use. Why? to protect our clients from law suits and and loss. Does the cheap vendor provide that. The answer is NO. Most of All is the experience and creativeness we bring to the table and the comfort they get knowing it’s done right.

Can a One man business provide the same experience as your team? Maybe in some fields but generaly not in the video event and corporate field. What if the one man business gets hurt just before your event and is not available? We have to educate our clients of our benefits and explain we might be just a little more than your cheap vendor but compare what you get for your investment. A doctor was asked by his patient, why his operation was so expensive and why the doctor charged so much. He responded. $5000 for the operating room $15,000 for me because I know where to cut and have the top team to work with.

As a customer, think about what questions to ask. As a business person, know how to guide your clients to help them with the information they need to make a good decision. Hopefully this information is beneficial for everyone.